Temptations Bakery, 57

Client: Ms. Chadha
Location: Noida
Area of Project: 6000 sq.ft.
Project Year:2019
Project Brief

Temptations Bakery is a renowned name in NCR and this is their first premium outlet. The idea was to bring out the best of the brand's story i.e. the use of the colour red which is part of their brand narrative.

The space was intended to be eclectic, inviting and dotted with lush plants. The exterior of the building which is laced with greenery and wooden steps acts as a subtle prelude to the interior.The interior colour scheme is dominated by shades of red and beige with a blend of retro elements such as gramophones, telephones etc.


Every inch of the interiors is purposefully adorned with baking, vintage and colourful elements. Overall the space gives an interesting vibe of outdoor elements blended into interior spaces.Although red can appear loud if not used well but this outlet makes a clever use of subtle elements with red as a striking yet artful manner.


This was a turn-key project and all tiles plus all furniture is part of Cube Collective's in-house workshop. Attention has been paid to various details such as:
1. A
cart for sampling products
2. An aesthetic
red jaali acting as an interesting backdrop. 
3. Customised hanging lights in colours to accentuate the interiors.
Specially curated triangular island displays. 

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