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M&W Waffle Garden

Client: Mr. Tanwar
Location: New Delhi
Area of Project: 400 sq.ft.
Project Year:2017
In Collaboration with:
Ar. Saurabh Khurana

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Project Brief

The Waffle Garden is one of the two stores of the Maple&Waffle Company who planned multiple stores in Delhi.Each store was thought of to have a different concept thereby creating a varying ambience and experience for the customers always.  


A small cafe was perceived to be filled with as much green as possible. Each element was designed keeping an outdoor garden theme in mind. The main billing counter is designed to resemble an outdoor cart. All furniture was manufactured in house and the yellow chairs add a pop of colour. The feature chairs were made to resemble the grid in a waffle and thus acted as the highlight element of this small cozy and green space.

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